It’s the Millennium Falcon! The Disney imagineers did an amazing job in Galaxy’s Edge. I also love the Play app stuff they added. I wish I had hours more just to explore that aspect.

A tropical hideaway, at the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room. Many photos of our recent Disneyland trip forthcoming, up until Thanksgiving. 🐭

Premiere showing in Portland of the yearly Warren Miller movie: Timeless. Getting ready for the ski season!

Local fast food art. Kind of a combination of Tigard, the central Willamette Valley, and somewhere on the Oregon Coast.

Daughter put on contacts for the first time today: one year younger than when I got them. She was amazed at the difference. Everyday things can still be amazing.

Christmas time in mid-October! It’s not a surprise any longer when I see decorations go up for sale at Costco before Halloween, but it’s still funny. 🤑

We received our family photos from Shelly Peterson Photography today. Talk about serious attention to detail. If you’re in the Columbia Gorge area, highly recommended.

Calling back to Halloween 2005! Looking forward to 2019’s trick or treating with the kids (while it lasts).

CYO tournament volleyball Saturday. I’ve never been to this campus. Great facility, and the kids have more energy than should be allowed.

At the Cork, Ireland 🇮🇪 Airport, the gave tons of photos of red heads. This might be my favorite. Gingers represent.